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As the Head Coach at Next Level Endurance my goal is to impact as many people as possible and train new coaches about our philosophy to positively impact as many people as they ca… more

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When working with us at Next Level Endurance you will be challenged not only physically but mentally as well.  You will experience a new way of looking at your body, learning to see it’s potential and … more

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I grew in Chicago and have lived in southwest Michigan for the past 10 years. I have three amazing kids who keep me quite busy on a daily basis. I teach various classes (spin, TRX, bootcamp, etc.) at … more

Next Level Training Camps and Skill Building Clinics

Women Only Mountain Bike Skill Building Clinic.

Friday, Oct.12 - Saturday, Oct. 13 , 2018

Only $295 per person !

Bring a friend with you and she pays half !

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XTERRA Couch to Trail – Swim Toys! What Should I Put In My Swim Bag?

By 5x XTERRA World Champ, Mimi Stockton As a triathlete you are likely no stranger to acquiring and collecting gear.  We engage in three sports, which means we need stuff for all three sports.  From mountain bikes to GPS watches to tri suits, the list can be long and sometimes problematically expensive.  Fortunately, when itContinue reading

XTERRA Couch to Trail – Should I hire a coach?

By 5x XTERRA World Champ, Mimi Stockton I get asked a lot, “Who’s your coach?” And the answer has always been “No one, I coach myself.”  I have never had a coach throughout all my years of racing.  There have been many times I have contemplated hiring someone to help me properly stay on trackContinue reading

XTERRA Couch to Trail – When You’re Injured for the Big Race

By 5x XTERRA World Champ, Mimi Stockton Being Injured Sucks. Period. The final nail in the coffin happened with about a mile left to go in the run. Flying down the mountain, not paying complete attention to what was under my feet, I landed with my already inflamed foot on a sharp rock. The firstContinue reading

XTERRA Couch to Trail – Eating for Tough Races

By SheriAnne Little As XTERRA athletes, most of us look for ways to live our best lives both on and off the trails. What we eat is a huge part of this. It happens three times a day (more or less), it’s a great opportunity to be social and connect with the people we love,Continue reading

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