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We pride ourselves on giving you our best. Our coaches are qualified and highly experienced to help you push your limits and reach your goals.

SheriAnne Little

SheriAnne Little

As the Head Coach at Next Level Endurance my goal is to impact as many people as possible and train new coaches about our philosophy to positively impact as many people as they can. First and foremost I am a mom of 3 young beautiful children.  I am a Fitness and Nutrition Coach that believes in helping people realize their untapped potential.  I believe too many people go through life wondering if and wishing they could do something magnificent. Everyone’s “magnificent something” is different, mine just happens to be epic adventures.  Everything I do I think about my children and the example I am setting for them.  Setting goals is critical to being successful in life and I love to set big goals that make my heart beat a little faster and make me wonder if it is possible because I love nothing more than busting past that mental barrier.  Anything is possible. As a mother of 3, a multiple World Champion qualifier and multiple podium finisher at Ironman events, I know what it takes to get it done, yet respect the importance of family and responsibilities when it comes to running a business.

Currently, I am striving to be the best version of me that I can be no matter what the athletic event is.   I have raced in multi-day expedition races, Xterra, Ironman, Ultra running, and Mountain Biking events.  Always striving to push myself to my next level and truly see what is possible for me.

Mimi Stockton

I grew in Chicago and have lived in southwest Michigan for the past 10 years. I have three amazing kids who keep me quite busy on a daily basis. I am a self- described endorphin junkie, and when I’m not chasing after my children, or my puppy, my other passion is triathlon–primarily off-road triathlon.  In addition to training and racing, I teach various classes (spin, TRX, bootcamp, etc.) at a boutique fitness studio in my hometown, and I am a certified personal trainer, a USAT Level 1 certified coach and a Total Immersion Certified swim coach.

I do between 6 and 7 XTERRA races per season, with my final race in October at the XTERRA off-road World Championships in Maui. I have 5 World Titles to my name.  I am the current 45-49 and 4 X 40-44 age division women’s world champion.  I also do several mountain bike races throughout the summer and on occasion will throw in a trail race to keep me sharp.

Training can be grueling at times, but it keeps me sane and makes me a better person toward both my family and friends. It continually pushes me to limits I never thought I could reach. I love the physical and mental challenges triathlon presents. I hope to instill my competitive spirit and the importance of having a goal in all the athletes I coach. I truly believe that becoming fit is possible for anybody as long as they have perseverance.

Xterra Training

Coach Mimi has been an XTERRA Ambassador for the past 8 years.  She writes a bi-monthly article for the XTERRA Tribe newsletter, as part of the “Couch-to-XTERRA” program, which is geared toward the beginner off-road triathlete.  The training program is designed to do just what it says–help you get off the couch, into training and to the start of an XTERRA race.

Mimi is also a BICP instructor with the Level 1 Mountain Biking Instruction certification. To read more about the program and BICP in general please visit visit their site.

Mimi as a Level 1 Certified mountain bike instructor can prepare students for leading rides and mountain bike guiding in a group situation along with how to assess, demonstrate and instruct the fundamental skills. In addition to comprehensive training on the fundamental elements of mountain biking, Level 1 participants will create a foundation for future BICP training courses including personal riding skills, proper form, systematic methods, and terminology. Completion of the course, in addition to passing a practical exam, will qualify an individual to:

  • Lead individual or group mountain bike ride in a professional, systematic and safe manner
  • Assess the level of each rider in their group through a pre-ride session
  • Assess and diagnose common errors within each rider’s fundamental skills
  • Prepare and implement action plans in an emergency situation
  • Make responsible choices in picking trail routes for specific groups
  • Assist BICP instructors at clinics, camps, and events
  • Neutral Position, Ready Position, & Ready State
  • Bike/Body Separation
  • Pedal Position
  • Eye Movement
  • Braking
  • Steering
  • Speed
  • Gearing and Cadence
  • Timing and Coordination
  • Pressure Control
  • Safety and etiquette


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